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Pupil Premium


Pupil premium was introduced in April 2011 as additional funding for schools to help raise the achievement of disadvantaged students in order to narrow the gap between them and their peers.

Funding is received for students on FSM, EVER 6 ( pupils who have been on FSM in the last 6 years), students who have a parent in the armed forces, adopted children and looked after children.


Pupil premium funding will be used to raise attainment of disadvantaged students by providing additional educational support. The funding will be used to support these students emotionally as well as educationally.  Paget believes that an emotionally secure student is also one who is able to learn and achieve. PP will be used to narrow/close the gap between the achievement of these students and their peers.


The senior leadership team will regularly monitor and review strategies that are used, analysing the impact and reporting its progress to the governing body.

Planned use of PP for 2016 – 2017

Our allocation for pupil premium is £222,830 for the financial year 2016 – 17 and will used to benefit those pupils who have been eligible for FSM in the past 6 years or who are currently eligible. Strategies being implemented this school year:

Curriculum /closing the gap

Ensure that the gaps are continually closing at KS3 with a specific focus on English.  To enable this PP students will have access to intensive intervention during registration periods to consolidate their basic English skills and SPAG.

Continue to close the gap between disadvantage students and their peers in maths.  1 – 1, or small group intervention will take place weekly to consolidate basic mathematical skills.

Ensure that the reading ages of the PP cohort continue to rise3 in both Key Stage areas.  The accelerated reading scheme will be used with the KS3 cohort specifically targeting the PP students who arrived with a low reading age score.  Silent reading will be encouraged during KS4 tutor period once a week.

A specialised English teacher is working specifically with the KS3 cohort to raise the attainment of those working at a lower level than expected.

A specialised English teacher is targeting KS4 students to work on exam techniques and consolidate their use of grammar and basic English skills.

Extra support sessions for core subjects in KS4.  These take place at lunchtime, afterschool and on a Saturday mornings.

Support for the completion of controlled assessments for students who have missed time due to illness or other specific difficulties.

All Year 11 PP students will have an assertive mentor to help with organisation, revision time tables etc.

Both KS3 and KS4 students to receive revision guides and support in using them appropriately.

Social, Emotional, Behaviour and Attendance

PP attendance to be monitored carefully and action quickly taken for any students that falls below the national average.

Pastoral support, including SSC, learning mentor and outside agencies to support social/emotional difficulties including exam related stress.

Develop the aspirations of our disadvantaged students by ensuring they are encouraged to attend aim higher trips and activities.

Continue to remove individualised barriers by seeing every child’s situation as unique to them and providing appropriate support.

Work closely with parents to encourage parental involvement and support.

Using the Boxall profiling system to engage strategies to help modify negative behaviour.

Staffing/Staff training

SLT (pro rata) for PP responsibility

Learning mentor specific to PP

Pastoral support staff

CPD training focused on PP/closing the gap