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KS4 Options

Please find below the link to the KS4 Final Options form as well as the KS4 Options Handbook.

The Initial Options Process will be completed online, digitally. Please use the link address below to access the Final Options Form. 

Please read the instructions carefully and ensure that you complete all the sections.

Once you have submitted your choices, a copy will be emailed to you. You can revisit your form by accessing the link on the email. However, if you change your mind about an option, you will need to fill in a new form. Forms are time and date stamped and only your most recent application will be used.

Once you are happy with the choices you have made, please print a copy of your form and get your parent/carer to sign the form acknowledging that they agree with the choices you have made.



Please note: This is an expression of interest only, it is not your final choice form.

Courses that fail to attract viable numbers will not run.